About In Lumine Media

In Lumine is a Christian publishing ministry that exists to spread Christ exalting, God-centered, gospel based resources in  the Russian and Ukrainian languages in order to strengthen the church, deepen the faith of Christians, and increase their knowledge of God that Christ would be reflected in all areas of life.
We desire to use all forms of media to advance a God-centered view of the Christian life throughout Ukraine and Russia.



The In Lumine Team:

Danny Foote—Director

Danny has been a missionary in Ukraine since 2001.  Danny assisted in planting a church in Priluki before moving to Kaharlyk where he currently pastors a church.  In 2008 he joined In Lumine and in 2013 took over as director.

Olenka—Sales Manager
Olenka is a member of Christian Bible church in Chernigov and joined the In Lumine team in the spring of 2013.  Olenka oversees all aspects of sales and product distribution.  

Marina—Project Manager
Marina is a member of Christian Bible Church in Chernigov and joined the In Lumine team in spring of 2011.  Marina is our in-house editor and manages all our projects from translation to print.   

Jake Knotts—Founder
Jake was a missionary in Ukraine from 2000 till 2013. Jake founded In Lumine in response to the great need for solid Christian resources in the Russian language.  He assisted in planting a church in Priluki before moving to Chernigov where he lead a team in planting Christian Bible Church in Chernigov.  

In Lumine

P.O. Box 1842

Chernigov, 14000

Tel: 38.063.563.0071

regarding sales or partnership: info@inlumine.org